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I came across Sunchowder's Emporia strawberry guajillo jam, and fell in love.


Spread the LuvTM with Sunchowder's Emporia Jams! Join our Jam of the Month Club and treat your family or friends to a glorious selection of seasonal handcrafted fresh fruit jam with a gift that
will last all year long.

As soon as you purchase your club membership, the first shipment will be sent and will include a gift card and welcome letter. After the initial shipment, two jars of seasonal jams will be shipped the first week of every other month (shipments will be made 6 times a year, 12 jars in total). You have the option of choosing the 4-oz sampler jars or the 8-oz jars. The price of the club includes all of the shipping and handling charges.

Examples of the seasonal selections include:

January/February - Strawberry Balsamic & Plum Ginger Apricot Jams
March/April - Strawberry Guajillo, Pineapple Tangerine Jams
May/June - Blueberry DiSaronno, Raspberry Cointreau Jams
July/August - Peach Lavender, Blackberry Chambord Jams
September/October - Raspberry Pepper Jam, Fresh Pumpkin Butter
November/December - Jalapeno, Apricot & Wildflower Honey, Tangerine Ginger Rum Jams


Our unique, all-natural jams are handcrafted in old-fashioned copper kettles using the freshest seasonal fruits and ingredients.
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