Zucchini Ginger Jam

from Sunchowder's Emporia
$4.95 to $8.95


I have now tasted 7 different jams from Sunchowder and each one is absolutely delicious.


Only the finest natural ingredients go into Sunchowder’s Emporia handcrafted jams. Our Zucchini Ginger Jam mixes fresh-grated Hawaiian ginger with fresh grated zucchini for a burst of warm spicy, sweet flavor. The unexpected combination of flavors and heat from the ginger make this delicious when drizzled over cream cheese as an appetizer.

You can also make a lovely dip using 2/3 Zucchini Jam to 1/3 sour cream or cream cheese and serve with chips.


zucchini, cane sugar, ginger, cinnamon stick, nutmeg, lemon, orange zestProcessed in a facility containing wheat and nuts.



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Wonderful, originally flavored jam
Jul 01, 2010
By Amy M.
This jam lured me into the Sunchowder's Emporia shop, resulting in an order of 4 jams total, all of which are absolutely fabulous. Not only are the flavor combinations creative, the jams are clearly made with all of the care one would expect from homemade, which these jams and preserves are. No gloppy, too-gelatinous jams here, and the flavor of the individual ingredients shines. I'd recommend this product line to anyone. The zucchini-ginger jam in particular is unique and very tasty - excellent on a piece of crusty bread, and totally appropriate for breakfast.
Our unique, all-natural jams are handcrafted in old-fashioned copper kettles using the freshest seasonal fruits and ingredients.
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